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 Tiny Souls is a place where you can find photographs of the fantasy miniatures I have painted. You can also find information about me, commission work, forums, hints and tips, and links to other miniature sites I enjoy perusing and various other pages I frequent. I hope you enjoy your stay.
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~ Saturday, 11th October, 2008 ~
My forums have moved to

 ~ Wednesday, 30th April, 2008 ~
I've added a Cobblestone base tutorial to my site. You can find it in the hints section.
I know, I know, it's only taken two years ;)

~ Monday, 28th April, 2008 ~
So I'm finally updating my site! Wooh!
Sorry I've been so lax but I haven't really had a chance to paint anything since Ava was born. Thankfully I got the chance recently to paint up a Dwarf Lord. He was painted very slowly whilst Ava napped. Half of him was painted in very crappy lighting whilst standing in the kitchen keeping an eye on Ava as she played in the living room. For the record, I hate painting whilst standing. It totally blows.
Anyhoo, he's up in the gallery and will be up for sale on ebay as well.
I sold my Theoden a little while ago and totally forgot to alert all of you on my mailing list, so you have my apologies. I've got baby brain and was very annoyed with myself when I realised what I had done. Oh well.

I'm also going to be uploading a Cobblestone Base tutorial. Yes the one that has been sitting there with "Coming Soon" written underneath it for about 2 years. Hehe. A member of my forums reminded me recently that I hadn't actually started it yet. I should really finish my Sultry Eyes tutorial sometime too. Of course I will have to start over because I have no idea where the miniature is that I originally used for it. Deary me.

Anyway, it's really awesome to be painting again. Hopefully you all remember who the hell I am. :)


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